Thank you for considering Sol Treasures.  We have teacher positions available.  
Please call our Program Manager Debra Cobb at 831-396-9809.

Teacher/Instructor Requirements:

We are seeking teachers in the areas of Art, Music and Theater with experience in teaching students ages 7 to 14 and supportive of the Sol Treasures mission.  Be able to provide knowledge, experience, skills,  instruction, and learning activities working toward student improvement in all areas of learning in addition to the arts.  Teacher should be able to plan and prepare lessons previous to instruction with objective to engage and motivate students and provide high quality student learning. Teacher should be enthusiastic to teach and be able to communicate what he or she is teaching. Teacher should be able to develop lessons appropriate to the age group being taught. Teacher must be able to (1) establish and maintain  relationship of mutual respect with assigned students, (2) manage and supervise  students under his/her supervision  (3) manage activities to promote effective learning  (4) manage set-up and clean-up of the classroom while under teacher’s supervision, (5) complete required reports requested from Sol Treasures, (6) have ability to directly communicate with Program Manager at Sol Treasures (email or phone), (7) adhere to the professional Code of Ethics adopted by the State of California, (8) pass fingerprinting and background checks and be tested for Tuberculosis.