Flower Circular Suncatcher

·      Paper plates
·      Scissors
·      Transparent contact paper
·      Flowers and leaves
·      Markers
·      Hole punch

1. Create flower suncatcher frame!
Begin by making a frame for your flower suncatcher by cutting a hole in the paper plate.

2. Add a center of transparent contact paper.
Cut circles from contact paper to fit over the opening, overlapping the paper plate by about half an inch. You may find the contract paper through local drug store or downtown businesses or online.
3. Press flower petals and leaves to the sticky contact paper
Press the flower petals, petal pieces, and leaves in outwardly concentric designs on the contact paper to create our suncatchers.

4. Protect and hold the flower design in place.
Add another circle of contact paper over the top to protect and hold the flower design in place.

5: Hang the flower suncatcher.
Punch a hole at the top of the frame and tie a loop of string for h

Make several suncatchers to hang in a window.



Art project by the ArtfulParent.com