The Big Idea in 2023!

Sol Treasures Big Idea for 2023 is to make art available to everyone by subsidizing classes throughout the year for toddlers, youth, and adults. Pandemic fatigue has taken its toll, and inflation has residents’ budgets stretched. When money becomes tight, fees for camps and classes are not available. Sol Treasures is bringing a series of 15 art classes to our residents for free in 2023. Scholarships of up to 100% will also be available to attend our technical training, and community theater programs.

Sol Treasures has a solid foundation of classes, artists’ events, and theatre productions delivered with creative flair and professional detail. This year Sol Treasures’ plan is to focus on our best artistic offerings and encourage anyone who wants to learn to show up and attend!


If you or someone you know has an interest in art classes, music and theater look at to see the free offerings.

Upcoming Events

Join us for workshops, classes, concerts, gallery tours, and artist events.  There is something for everyone at Sol Treasures – for the artist and the art patron!

Sol Treasures awakens and nurtures appreciation and passion for the arts in people of all ages in South Monterey County and provides a home for creative and inspiring opportunities to unify the community through art and culture.


With community theater for all ages becoming a part of the normal season for Sol Treasures’, anyone can come and participate in the joys of live performance! From acting, singing, and dancing, to technical design, production management, and directing!

There’s something for everyone in the Sol Treasures theater scene!

People are Talking!

I love acting, singing, and dancing. This is my first play with Sol Treasures.

I hope to be on Broadway some day!!!

— Katilyn, Age 11

I love acting, singing, and dancing!

— Gabriel, Age 12

From my kitchen table, I’m looking out my window to see hundreds of students joyfully lined up in anticipation of The Lion King production at the KCHS auditorium. The sound of their voices is inspiring!

— Karen Jernigan, King City Council Member

Art is such an equalizer even for children still working on their English skills; they can express themselves artistically and it brings in the parents so that they are all together enjoying the same experience. That benefits and transforms the individual, the family, and the community.

— Renata Funke, Dean of Education, Hartnell Community College

Sol Treasures is the center of art and culture in our community! Their many programs reach out to the full spectrum of the community. As a parent, I am in awe of the transformation in my own child as well as the other children. It is truly magical to watch the children grow and work side by side in an orchestrated effort to produce art – wonderful art.

Thank you so much for all that you do for my children and the entire community!

— Kathy M, Parent

Ten years ago, the vision for Sol Treasures was a home for local artists. That home has grown into an arts and cultural enrichment center for people of all ages and for all community members in Southern Monterey County.

— Sonia Chapa, Founder

It began with the intention of strengthening the community through art and culture
by developing a dedicated space to create, share and celebrate art.

In just 10 years, Sol Treasures has become a beacon of ever-expanding creativity on the main street of King City and a comprehensive art center. We note the incredible growth and development of your programs, your visionary use of your beautiful building and grounds,
and the strength of your organization.

We are grateful for your dedication to offering so many programs, which add to the vibrancy of the region — and this is developing arts and culture throughout our beautiful Monterey County.

— Simon Salinas, County Supervisor

My student’s confidence has soared.

Cesar is a model student. He played many songs for his classmates on the violin. We enjoyed it very much.

— Academic Teacher

It was so well put together with all the different settings and scene changes. Very, very entertaining and well done.

— Adult in the Audience

My favorite part was when Belle was helping her dad and I also like when Belle was dancing with the beast and when the teacups were singing.

— Child in the Audience

The program was great. My daughter had lots of fun and met new friends.

— Parent

It is because of Sol Treasures that I am pursuing theater as a career choice. You taught me so much in life. Because of you I have been able to grow as an actress and a person. Now with even more of your help, I am able to go off to college in San Francisco to become an even better actress, No matter where I go in life, it will all be thanks to you.

— Scholarship Recipient

Arts Council for Monterey County


Champion of the Arts Nonprofit, February 3, 2018 Gala


Highest Level of Recognition & Transparency

2015, 2020

Nonprofit of the Year, Arts and Culture

2014 – 2015

Business of the Year, Chamber of Commerce

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