Maya Exhibit

Through the watercolors of this exhibit, you are invited to recall the complexity and ingenuity of Indigenous writing and artistry and to consider the ancient Maya themes and lore.

Thirteenth Bak’ Tun Codex, is an illustrated work of fiction inspired by the pre-Columbian folded books. The centerpiece is 15 watercolor panels, assembled into the Codex format over 13 feet in length. An accompanying fictional tale adds another layer that informs the artwork and reflects the May lore. The inspiration is the Maya Myths of creation and death/rebirth, while references to the contemporary perils of environmental pollution and our responsibilities to nature. Written and painted by Ignacio Fernández with painted contributions by Carmen Gómez Vega.

Subida al Cerro Sagrado, is the story of a pilgrimage to Cerro Sagrado, the children and young people walk outdoors in the cold of winter and the darkness of early morning. Among the dangers on the road are river fairies, witches, and ghosts. The path is steep and dangerous, and the children must overcome temptation and challenges on the sacred journey. It is a story of a rite of passage for the young to learn the skills that will carry them through life. Written by Gabriel Martínez and illustrated by Ignacio Fernández.

Exhibition Dates May 5th - June 26th, 2023