Jeff Hinderscheid

Executive Director

Meet Jeff Hinderscheid, a dynamic and accomplished professional with over a decade of experience in health and human services and in working with children in the performing arts. With a BA in Drama from UC Irvine and a Masters degree in Psychology with a specialization in Mental Health Administration, Jeff brings a unique and well-rounded perspective to his role as the Executive Director of Sol Treasures. Throughout his 11 years with the Monterey County Department of Social Services, Jeff served in three departments and eventually rose to the role of a journey-level social worker V in child welfare. Along the way to family and children’s services, Jeff worked in the community benefits branch assisting families in need of public assistance, as well as aging and adult services as a social worker with the aged and disabled populations of the county, and he became a staff trainer for incoming staff in all departments. His experience with the many disadvantaged and underserved populations in Monterey County helped him develop a deep commitment to improving the lives of those in his community, and he continues to do so through his passion for the arts.

As an avid arts enthusiast and performing artist, Jeff is dedicated to sharing the arts with all populations throughout the community. He has directed many successful productions at Sol Treasures, including the first musical production of Beauty and the Beast Jr. in 2010, and most recently The Little Mermaid and Frozen Jr. in 2022. Jeff currently sits on the Board of Directors of the South Monterey County Center for the Performing Arts, and recently began teaching Psychology at Hartnell College in the evenings. As a skilled and dedicated professional, Jeff is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of those around him through his work and through his zeal and enthusiastic love for the arts. Jeff believes the arts have the power to heal, unite, empower, and create strong and compassionate youth today, for a healthier society tomorrow.